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The [http://biocellion.net/documentation/Biocellion-1.2.pdf Biocellion 1.2 Manual].
The [http://biocellion.net/documentation/Biocellion-1.2.pdf Biocellion 1.2 Manual].
[https://www.rosaandco.com/webinars/2017/development-of-a-multiscale-skin-barrier-model-for-de-novo-in-silico-prediction | Ryan Tasseff's 2017 presentation] on skin tissue modeling.

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Welcome to the Biocellion Wiki!

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Read about some example applications shared by Biocellion's user community:

  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle WA
yeast mixing
  • Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle WA
yeast microfluidics
skin (to be written)
Wrinkle Formation
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland WA
microbes in soil (to be written)
  • Utah State University, Logan UT
avascular tumor
cell sorting
yeast smooth colony

Want to get started? Check out the Tutorial Series (Kang & Aguilar).

Have technical questions? Post them to the Biocellion Forum.

Other references are:

Seunghwa Kang's March 11, 2014 NIH IMAG sponsored webinar slides.

The Biocellion 1.2 Manual.

| Ryan Tasseff's 2017 presentation on skin tissue modeling.

Questions? Post to the Biocellion Forum!